Galileo Church

Quirky church for spiritual refugees. Who would Jesus love?

Our missional priorities:
1. We do justice for LGBTQ+ humans.
2. We do kindness for people with mental illness and in emotional distress, and celebrate neurodiversity.
3. We do beauty for our God-Who-Is-Beautiful.
4. We do real relationship, no bullshit, ever.

The Illogical Logic of God 2/6

The conception and birth of Jesus in the gospel according to Matthew requires God to work in ways outside the social and religious norms of Joseph, Mary, and their fellow Judeans. Inevitably, the Messiah is not wanted by the way the logic of God works in the world; but we, like Joseph, are called to be transformed by God’s logic and move beyond religious norms of righteousness and into mercy. Thanks, Grasshopper Jay!