Galileo Church

Quirky church for spiritual refugees. Who would Jesus love?

Our missional priorities:
1. We do justice for LGBTQ+ humans, and support the people who love them.
2. We do kindness for people with mental illness and in emotional distress, and celebrate neurodiversity.
3. We do beauty for our God-Who-Is-Beautiful.
4. We do real relationship, no bullshit, ever.
5. We do whatever it takes to share this good news with the world God still loves.

Trying to find us IRL?
Mail here: 6563 Teague Road, Fort Worth TX 76140
Worship here: 5860 I-20 service road, Fort Worth 76119, 5 pm Sundays

How to Invite a Friend to Church

It's not always easy. You don't want to seem pushy, or opportunistic, or (ugh!) too religious. But it's true: you have a church you love, a community of faith that is actually making your life better; and you want to share it with people you love.

Here's how Caroline A, whose friend posted on Facebook that she was looking for a church, did it. Rather than join in the FB comment stream that looked like a lot of recruiting for big-church programming (not that there's anything wrong with that!), she sent a private message to her friend. And this is what she said:

Hey A—! 

First off I just want to say what a beautiful family you have. I remember when you first started dating your hubby... 😊

Okay! About this church thing. Galileo has changed my life. Me and my wife are moving in the summer and one of the reasons we don't want to go is because we don't want to leave Galileo. 

My reasons for loving it may be different from yours. That's depending on what kind of church your looking for. We have 4 main priorities:

Caroline A with Jenn M, inviting thousands of UTA students to "test our welcome."

Caroline A with Jenn M, inviting thousands of UTA students to "test our welcome."

1. Justice for LGBTQ

2. Kindness for low wage workers

3. Beauty for our God who is beautiful. 

4. Real relationships no bullshit ever. 

We have an amazing children's ministry. We believe that they are the vessels for God's kindness to the world. 

Check out our website and really look at what we stand for and what you and your family want in a church.

If you have any questions let me know. Sorry about my rant. I just love Galileo.

See what she did there? She got really honest about how her church has changed her life for the better. She said what her church is about. She admitted that it's not for everyone. She remembered that her friend has kids. She provided a way for her friend to look deeper. She said again how much she loves her church and she can't help talking about it. 

That's brilliant, Caroline. I'm so frickin' lucky to be in ministry alongside you.