Galileo Church

Quirky church for spiritual refugees. Who would Jesus love?

Our missional priorities:
1. We do justice for LGBTQ+ humans, and support the people who love them.
2. We do kindness for people with mental illness and in emotional distress, and celebrate neurodiversity.
3. We do beauty for our God-Who-Is-Beautiful.
4. We do real relationship, no bullshit, ever.
5. We do whatever it takes to share this good news with the world God still loves.

Trying to find us IRL?
Mail here: 6563 Teague Road, Fort Worth TX 76140
Worship here: 5860 I-20 service road, Fort Worth 76119, 5 pm Sundays

Ryan Felber, on Generosity

Ryan and Emma.

Ryan and Emma.

A guest post by Ryan D. Felber, a member of Galileo's leadership team who recently moved to California for an internship with XPLOR, the NBA's vocational discernment program for young adults.

Katie Hays once told me that I was one of the most relaxed and generous people she had met when it came to money. I'm not sure that's totally true, but I have learned something over the last year or so at Galileo Church: mainly, that no matter how little you have, you always have enough to give back. 

Basically I believe that we as Christians, or followers of Jesus as someone told me recently they like to say, are called to give without expectation of payback and without worry for tomorrow. We are called to give of ourselves because everything we have has been given to us. So while I don't make a lot of money (seriously, I'm an XPLOR intern!), I know that I am called to give to causes I feel passionately about, whether that's Galileo's crowdfunded worship album, my church, or the AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Scripture actually tells us that we are not to worry because we are loved and cared for. Well, I'm not great at the "not worrying" yet, but I'm trying to hold loosely what I have and give graciously to those in need. For you see, I was once in need and someone gave to me; I was hungry and somebody fed me; I was homeless and I was sheltered; I was broken and I was taken in and healed.

So for everyone out there who has ever supported, given to, or loved me, I want you to know that I have learned from you. I'm doing my part as well, being as generous as I can every chance I get.